Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan Always Has A History To Set In Bollywood

As age passes by, the magnanimous actor Shah Rukh Khan seems to be determined to make new history in Bollywood directory. This power packed actor of ‘My Name Is Khan’ has set a new all-time career record with success of $3,635,000 after 17 days of release in North America that no Hindi linguistic film has ever made yet.

This huge success has surpassed Khan's old record of $3,597,372 in 'Om Shanti Om' 2007. Currently, 'My Name Is Khan' is running successfull with compact houses in 119 theaters across the US and Canada in its third week.

Estimated as the fastest Hindi film ever to break the $2,000,000 mark breaking the previous record of '3 Idiots' which grossed $2,149,227 in its five-day opening over the Christmas holiday weekend.

Well, Shah Rukh deserves to be called King Khan!


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